Citizens decry poor land-related services in responsible public institution


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Citizens decry poor land-related services in responsible public institution

Yanditswe Jan, 19 2020 12:04 PM

Some citizens in different parts of the country continue to express frustrations while pursuing their land titles. They call for responsible organs find viable solutions to the situation some say might have snippets of corruption.

Mukandoli Donatille is a mother, 53 years of age. She has land in Nduba sector of Gasabo district.

Since May last year, she has chased her land title to no success; she says this is intentional by local

Mukandoli said that; “At the sector level, the person in charge took the application and the documents have been at the district office since May but now they have given the application back to me and I have to start all over again because my application period expired.”
In Shyorongi sector, Rulindo district, Mukandekezi Yuliyana of 67 years has spent many years looking for a house renovation permit, because her current house is old. She says this is unfair.

Yuliyana Mukandekezi told RBA; “Those in charge of land registration refused to give me the permit, look at house this house looks like, when I trains, i put basins and plates on the ground to collect leaking water on the roof, they refused completely but now the house would have been renovated by my son’’

This is the same case with other citizens looking for land titles, changing ownership, requesting for house renovation permits and other permits and documents needed. Some of these citizens who spoke to RBA said that there is corruption involved because those who have money always have their requests granted.

Bribery Index 2019 report by Transparency International Rwanda shows that such problems are caused by citizen’s lack of information on such services because those supposed to give them information don’t do it to make sure they find a way to ask for corruption.

Mupiganyi said; they lament of such services due to many reasons, firstly because of delay of services, secondly it’s the mystery behind lack of sharing of information regarding citizen’s rights. This happens because there could be a hidden corruption agenda.

He added, “The leaders don’t give services accordingly and citizens rights are violated all because all is done in the interest of local leaders, which is why some people are served and others not”.  

The national land center sees this case differently, noting that those who encounter corruption should report it.

Mukamana noted; ‘’ I don’t think corruption is existent. Any person asked of bribe with evidence can report it. Where these services delay is where land managers at the sector level are made to carry out other responsibilities. This is something we are deliberating with MINALOC to see evaluate what can be done. In this year 2020, we are rolling out a program where citizens will not hand in hard papers but use technology to speed up the processes’’.

Transparency International Rwanda research report indicates that corruption in land is at 39% while other services had corruption reduce by 2%.

Lack of proper land deeds continue to impede progress for some citizens as some look to banks for loans but can’t do so due to lack of proper collateral.

Story by: Friday James

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