Star performers in primary six, S3 and TTC exams share secret to success


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Star performers in primary six, S3 and TTC exams share secret to success

Yanditswe Dec, 31 2019 08:00 AM

The best performing candidates in primary schools, secondary ordinary level, and teacher training college students in the country say that revision of their lessons and focusing on their studies helped them score highly. Parents note that keen follow up on their children also has a high impact on their academics. 

This was revealed as the ministry of education published national examination results.

The primary student who scored with the highest grade at the national level was Humura Elvin of Wisdom School in Musanze and Mucyo Salvi in O'level from Byimana Science School in Ruhango district. They both indicate that the attention they have paid to their studies and daily revision was key to their success.

Humura told RBA; "Even though I wasn't expecting it, I am very happy. I used to revise but would have time to rest so that I don't get stressed. I had set a schedule for revision and I was doing regular self-assessment to gauge my performance and examine where to put more effort if I was to perform better in national exams."

Salvi Mucyo, the best performer in O'level from E SC.BYIMANA said; "I was very attentive in class, I did daily revision and internet research. And then I had enough time to prepare which helped me to perform well."

The parents of these children say they played a role in their success, especially when it comes to intensive revision and follow up.

Leah Mukayuhi, one of the parents of the star performer told RBA; "I was very keen to see how my child studied even though he liked it. My advice to parents is to pay attention to their  children's welfare and follow them closely in everything they do."

Anaclet Harerimana, another parent noted that; "My help was not extraordinary, but I was close to him by visiting him at school every month. We made sure he did not have any problems during the preparation for his exams and we tried to get him all the textbooks he needed to use at school for revision."

State minister in the ministry of education, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi praised the role of teachers in academics which is mostly seen in the students' performance.

"I would like to congratulate you and tell you that the government thinks of you because what we have achieved in Education and for your role in our vision, teachers are key. And the results of the national exams are a credit to your sacrifices who have educated our children well," Munyakazi said. 

In primary school, the number of students enrolled in the 2018 national exam were 248,981 students and 232,004 sat for exams, or 93.2%, of which 54.6% of girls took part. In 2019, the number of registered girls was 286,721 and 280,456 sat for exams, or 97.81%, of which 54.16% of girls took part in the national examination .

in ordinary level, here were 99,209 registered in 2018 and 96,523 or 97.16% of which 53.20% of girls took the national examination and in 2019, 115,417 students were enrolled and 114,424 or 99.1% of whom 54.4% took the national exam

In the TTC, those that enrolled in 2018 were 4,069 and 3,894 or 95.69% took part in the national exam  and this year, 4,251 students registered and 3,938 or 92.6% took part.

According to performance by division, in the first there are 10,700 pupils including 4,902 girls and 5,798 boys, or 3.8%, while in the 5th and last division there are 53,193 pupils or 19%.

National exam scores are published as the 2020 school year begins next Monday, January 6, 2020. The back-to-school season for students whose grades are published on Monday is postponed by a week and are required  to be at school on January 12.

By James Friday.

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