P6 national exams kick-off


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P6 national exams kick-off

Yanditswe Nov, 04 2019 11:33 AM

This Monday morning 286,000 children began a three-day exercise of sitting for their Primary School Leaving National Examinations.

Minister of State for Primary and Secondary Education, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi officiated the ceremony to start off P6 National Examinations at GS Kimisagara, in Nyarugenge district, while several government officials took lead in officiating at the launch of P.6 exams across the country.

The number of those sitting for the exams this year has increased by more than 31,000; up from 255,578 last year to the current 286,000.

The students we spoke to told us that they are ready for the challenge, while officials at the Rwanda Education Board have noted that the performance of the children will be used in gauging just how effective the country's education system is.

We spoke to a number of students we found at one of the many venues where the Examinations will be held.

They had come for their final briefing from exam supervisors before the big day and were putting on brave faces.

Alain Ngabo, a pupil said; "I am well prepared for the exams and I studied as hard as I could, with lots of revision. At home, I was urged to revise a lot and they gave me a lot of confidence that I would pass."

Honorine Mutoni, another pupil said; "I will go home and study a lot and my parents will help me. I first do some house chores and after resting and eating, I get back to studying."

Fabrice Ake Idrissa also noted that; "I studied and I prayed to God so that he will help me pass. I went to Church and told God that I want to pass. I have revised thoroughly what the teachers taught us and can reproduce it in any exercise or test. "

Others wisely decided to sit for passed National Exams to see how they would fair, which is a good way to gauge their current standing. Group studies were also extensively utilized.

Meanwhile officials at the Rwanda Education Board have noted that the performance of the children will be gauged in determining just how effective the country's education system is.

Dr. Irénée Ndayambaje, Director-General of REB said; "I believe, and it is a known fact, that the National Exams are a way to properly determine if the goals in the Education Sector are being achieved. They are like a mirror that shows us whether or not our efforts were fruitful, just as a farmer finds out if their work was in vain or not when it comes to harvest time. The results from those exams show us when we are making progress in our efforts to improve the Education Sector."

The Examination Centers across the country have also increased from 871 to 938.

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