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More electric motorcycles to hit Kigali streets, local manufacturers Ampersand announces

Yanditswe Dec, 12 2019 15:28 PM | 4,178 Views

Ampersand company that assembles electric motorbikes in Rwanda has pledged to increase their number to make Kigali greener. There are currently 20 electric bikes that were in a trial phase.

Some of the Taxi moto operators who have used electric bikes say that they are different and cost-effective compared to fuel motorbikes.

Since May 2019, Ampersand launched twenty e-motos operating on a commercial basis, taking passengers and goods across Kigali. Drivers rent batteries from a network of Ampersand charging stations around town that they swap out in less than two minutes.

Chief Executive Office of  Ampersand, Josh whale explained that the plan is to introduce more e-motos in the near future. 

The Director-General of REMA, Eng. Coletha RUHAMYA emphasizes that these bikes are a solution to the challenge of greenhouse emissions in Rwanda.

Those who use these electric bikes say they cost about Rwf2.7 million pay their credit weekly, a sum of Rwf37000. 

Infrastructure Minister Amb. CLAVER Gatete praised the initiative to introduce electric bikes and that vehicles would also be considered soon.

This Wednesday, Minister Gatete joined Ampersand to celebrate 250,000 kilometers traveled by its 20 e-motorcycle taxis in Rwanda, an opportunity to witness the feasibility of electric mobility in the country

The electric bikes have a meter that measures how much electric power is left in the battery for you to know how much distance you still have to cover, which helps in planning.

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Ibigo by’imari byasabwe kwirinda ruswa ibigaragaramo

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