Government reiterates commitment to Zero-tolerance on Gender-Based Violence


Government reiterates commitment to Zero-tolerance on Gender-Based Violence

Yanditswe November, 14 2019 at 14:21 PM

The Government of Rwanda has reiterated its commitment to the Zero-tolerance policy to Gender-Based Violence, with the Ministry of Justice saying that the crime is now taking on a new face and causing growing concern in the country.

Ending Gender-Based Violence and child abuse has been a national priority, with the government employing different strategies including the establishment of the Isange One-Stop Center in a bid to eradicate the vice.

However, according to statistics, GBV crimes have steadily risen in the last three years.

According to the Minister of Justice, Johnstone Busingye, Gender-Based Violence has taken on a new face, and law enforcers need to deploy new tactics if they are to win the war against this crime.

According to authorities, many of the GBV crimes go unreported. Members of the public are of the opinion that the silence on this matter is due to a lack of awareness.

Diane Niyonshima, a resident of Gasabo district said; "I think the government should do more awareness campaigns...even though some awareness programs are already in place, we need more so that people can gain courage and report these crimes, awareness is necessary,"

Oh his part, Jules Habimana, another resident of Gasabo said; "The government needs to raise awareness through the different public meetings we hold and educate people on what to do in cases of gender-based violence. Women need to feel safe and know that they can report this crime without fearing that they will go through it again for speaking up.

Minister Busigye called on the public to not only report GBV Crimes on time, but to also preserve evidence without which there will be no case to prosecute.

According to the Secretary-General of the Rwanda Investigation Bureau, JEANNOT RUHUNGA, eradicating Gender-Based Violence and Child Abuse will require team effort.

Statistics from the Rwanda Investigation Bureau indicate that defilement cases increased from 2,634 last year to 2, 755 this year. Spouse harassment cases also increased from 849 last year to 1,059 this year, with rape cases also increasing from 372 last year to 515 this year.

Judges, Prosecutors, and Investigators are in a two-day meeting to discuss the way forward regarding this issue.

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