For the first time, YouthConnekt Africa Summit is to be held out of Rwanda


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For the first time, YouthConnekt Africa Summit is to be held out of Rwanda

Yanditswe Oct, 19 2021 15:38 PM | 852 Views

The annual event that connects youth from across the continent and beyond with policy influencers, political leaders, and public, private and development sector institutions to engage, discuss, design, and accelerate youth empowerment efforts at a continental level will be held in Accra, Ghana from October 20 to 22, 2021. 

Some of the goals of this year’s international conference include discussing how young people can become more entrepreneurial in agriculture, technology and tourism, plus mobilize them to make their talents more productive, as well as encouraging them to contribute to the development of the African continent.

Hosted by Ghana, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the 2021 YouthConnekt Africa Summit will provide a platform for all partners involved in youth development to synergize around policies, programs and partnerships that position African youth to cater to the AfCFTA and advance regional integration.

YouthConnekt is a unique, home-grown and innovative initiative conceived by the Government of Rwanda that connects youth to government employment, private sector as well as entrepreneurship opportunities and off-farm. 

By Innocent MUGABO.

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