Analysts says latest cabinet reshuffle is a mirror to where Rwanda is headed


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Analysts says latest cabinet reshuffle is a mirror to where Rwanda is headed

Yanditswe Nov, 06 2019 14:03 PM

Analysts believe that the cabinet reshuffle is a mirror to where Rwanda is headed in terms of development. This comes shortly after the announcement of the new cabinet on Monday evening that saw new ministries and ministers appointed.

Political analysts pinpointed the ministry of foreign affairs which got a new minister, Dr Vincent Biruta who replaced Dr Richard Sezibera, and the ministry of internal affairs that makes a return after its removal in 2015. Dr.Buchanan Ismael explains the experience of some of the appointees. 

"Minister Biruta was a senator, he led the Senate, he was one time the minister for education, this means that he has experience when it comes to cabinet affairs he also has a vast experience when it comes to international or foreign affairs because he was the minister for the environment where he brokered several deals.  Focusing on internal matters is paramount and seeing that this position is given to the former Chief  of Defense Staff  (GeN. Nyamvumba), you can easily tell it’s due to professionalism and the experience he has," Buchanan said. 

Other changes included the ministry of sports that saw Aurore Mimosa Munyangaju appointed a minister. This comes after the ministry now only has sports in its mandate and culture is now merged with the ministry of youth which is led by Rosemary Mbabazi, and the newly appointed minister of state in the ministry Edourad Bamporiki who formerly led the Itorero commission. 

According to Jules Karangwa; the legal advisor to Rwanda football association (FERWAFA) and Dr Buchanan, these changes signify the path in which Rwanda plans to take in the development of the nation.

Karangwa said, "When you look at the ministry of youth, most of the time the ministry sensitizes the youth to be job creators, to be innovators but all this has to go hand in hand with our cultural values so this merger in the ministry is timely and will work efficiently I believe,"  

His comments were echoed by Dr Buchanan, "The youth are tomorrow’s future, so merging the two, I believe, is to bring back our cultural values and instill them in our youth which is paramount for the success of any nation."

Karangwa also believes that having the ministry of sports stand on alone is a good thing and an indicator that much more needs to be done to get the best out of it. 

"This will make it easy for the 7-year government program of supporting sports so that it makes meaningful contributions in the economic development of the nation. I am not saying that before it did not work but the merger then affected the sector especially in terms of budgeting among other things. Standing on it’s own will help make concentration of sports better," Karangwa added.  

The cabinet reshuffle also saw President Kagame promote Jean Bosco Kazura from the rank of Major General to General and appointed as the CDS  replacing General Patrick Nyamvumba who was appointed the Minister of Internal Security.  

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