5 Cabinet member tour infrastructure projects in Northern Province


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5 Cabinet member tour infrastructure projects in Northern Province

Yanditswe Jan, 14 2020 11:53 AM

The government of Rwanda has reiterated its commitment to ensuring that communities living along the country's borders with the neighbouring countries have the necessary infrastructure and services required to improve their social welfare.

This comes as five Cabinet Members and other Officials visited projects in the Northern Province to see how they are helping the lives of local residents there.

Communities along Rwanda's borders have seen a lot of infrastructure development that includes Health Centers and Hospitals, Markets, clean water supplies, electricity, tarmac roads, and Model Settlements; all of which have helped to vastly improve lives and on Monday the Cabinet Members and their delegation visited a number of infrastructure projects in Gicumbi District, including the Gatuna Border Post.

While in the District, the Ministers also visited the Mulindi Health Center that is located in an area classified as a High-Risk Zone and the Health Center's Administrators told the Cabinet Members that it needs to be expanded towards safer areas and that can help it to provide better services to local residents.

The officials noted that despite progress in the development of such communities, much more clearly needs to be done.

Prof Anastase Shyaka, the Minister of Local Government told RBA; "Some of the projects we visited are very encouraging, others need more work and in some areas, we found that a lot more effort needs to be put in. In General, we can say that we are committed to seeing this through and will work with different authorities to get it done. Regardless of where people live in the country, along the border or not, we want them to get all the necessary services and on time so that people do not cross borders or catch flights abroad in search of such things. Things like good schools, clean water, electricity, health facilities, trade, and other daily necessities must be available in local communities because the decentralization policy includes people getting such things close to them." 

This Tuesday, the Ministers will be visiting Burera District as well.

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