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RBA's mission is to inform, educate and entertain while keeping in mind the best interests of the general Rwandan population. 

Specifically, the RBA aims:
  • To provide the Rwandan population and other members of its audience with national and international news that is not biased and accurate; -# To provide the Rwandan population and other members of its audience with educational programs;
  • To provide the Rwandan population and other members of its audience with recreational and entertaining programs;
  • To promote the Rwandan culture;
  • To deliver to residents of Rwanda the benefit of new information and communication technologies;
  •  To act as a catalyst for national development; 
  •  To ensure good management of its resources and activities and to ensure their exploitation; 
  • To establish relations and collaboration with other regional and international partners as appropriate;
  • To ensure equitable distribution of infrastructure for audio and video broadcasting by interested licensed operators; 
  • To bring Rwanda to the global information arena 
Vision RBA aims to be Rwanda's leading source of news and information, and provide programmes of quality which will entertain as well as inform - a true channel for the people which will grow to be loved and trusted.
Values RBA is impartial, caring, trusted, rigorous and forward looking and expects its content as well as the conduct of all employees and representatives to reflect these values. 
Objective RBA's objective is to provide a wide range of information and broadcasts as well as entertainment programs aimed at promoting the Rwandan society and meeting people's needs. 
 To achieve its objective, RBA shall use Radio broadcasting, Television and modern information technology.

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