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Rwanda among the 4 least corrupt countries in Africa - TI Report

Yanditswe Jan, 24 2020 09:32 AM | 3,659 Views

A report by Transparency International indicates that the country lost 3 points in 2019 but has continued to top the East African Region when it comes to fighting corruption.

Corruption Perceptions Index complies points based on seven indicators including; political, economic and governance transformations in the Public Sector, among others. 

Holding its fourth position on the continent as it did in 2018; Rwanda's points, however, fell from 56 to 53%.

Globally, Rwanda slipped from the 48th position to 51st.

"The World Economic Forum usually ranks Rwanda well, and if this year the marks they award reduced to previous years, then there is a reason. If for example, we have an Auditor General and many do not have one, for he does a good job; but what does the Government does with his report? How are things finalized? Aren't there Institutions that have appeared in the Auditor General's report so many times people have gotten tired of seeing them there? We should think of such matters," Marie Immaculée Ingabire, Chairperson of Transparency International Rwanda said. 

Rwanda still holds the 1st position in East and Central Africa when it comes to fighting corruption; and is topped by Seychelles, Cape Verde and Botswana on the entire continent.

Anastase Murekezi, Chief Ombudsman said; "We believe that things are going well, even though improvements can be made; however those awarding the points are the only ones that can decide how much to allocate. We are going to increase our efforts to make known what Institutions in Rwanda are going to do to further bolster the fight against corruption; putting emphasis on making public what those Institutions are doing, far more than we are doing now."

Transparency International says 2/3rds of all countries globally have less than 50% when it comes to fighting corruption, and the Head of TI Rwanda also notes that the latest report should not be confused with the country's own Bribery Index.

Transparency International Rwanda's Ingabire noted that; "The Rwanda Bribery Index is the one that which will show you just how much corruption there is and what the Institution has the most. That one is very different from the CIP, the Corruption Perceptions Index which looks at it in a general sense, looking at the entire system and laws in place. We must look into how we are using the resources at our disposal: the laws, institutions, policies and all that; because up until now; we agree that the political will exists to fight corruption." 

The Corruption Perceptions Index gives the best-performing country globally; New Zealand 78%, while the worst performing; Somali has just 9%.

The Index compiles data from 180 countries around the world since 1995.

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