RPF Inkotanyi Youth challenged on transformational leadership


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RPF Inkotanyi Youth challenged on transformational leadership

Yanditswe Oct, 28 2019 11:57 AM

The RPF-Inkotanyi league have been urged to play their part in addressing different challenges that have continued to present themselves in society.

The call was made during the Party's Youth League General Assembly that also saw elections held for its Governing Committee at National Level, this Sunday.

Thousands of young people gathered for the RPF Youth League General Assembly at the Party's Headquarters in Rusororo of Gasabo District in Kigali City.

The young people were reminded of both their rights and obligations towards society.

Rosemary Mbabazi, Minister of Youth who is also a party member said; "The most important factor is having a country that supports you. I believe that you saw that the number of Youth Commissioners has also gone up, that is because you are the main effort. Another important resource and opportunity we have is your very life because a country cannot be built by those who have passed on. It is built by those who are still living, so what are you doing with your life? That is a primary opportunity we must not waste,". 

Young Entrepreneurs to speak at the gathering like Dieudonné Twahirwa who now exports Chili Sauce to a potential market worth half a billion dollars urged young people to think big, even though they may start small.

"My startup Capital was 300,000 Frw because that was all I could get and I was fortunate to get it. Even if you cannot get that amount as individuals, 10 of you can come together and contribute 30,000 Frw each if the venture is worth pursuing. The Government gave me 40 Hectares, but that came after I saw an opportunity and I went to ask for the land. When we study Entrepreneurship and hear of the advice to start small, we may assume that it is only in theory, but that is not true. I would have started with a lot of capital if I could, but I have learned that when starting, you make many mistakes, and so it is better that you start with little money and progressively correct those mistakes as you progress. After your figures lineup properly, even financial institutions can then trust you," Dieudonné Twahirwa, a young Entrepreneur said. 

Issues discussed included unwanted pregnancies, a 5.7% school dropout rate countrywide, a drug problem that costs the country 5 Billion Frw annually.

It was also noted that 1,918 children have their parents in different rehabilitation centers and this has affected their lives as well.

The newly elected President of the RPF Youth League who won by 70% of all votes cast said the issues are to be given a lot of attention by him and his Governing Committee.

"The youth have the strength, but we must focus our efforts on protecting the lives of young people. If the Districts that have a problem of teen pregnancies, and large numbers of school dropouts, then there is a connection and we believe tackling those problems simultaneously should yield results. We are confident in our abilities as young people, "Joseph Tuyisenge, RPF Youth League President-elect said. 

RPF Party Representatives present urged the youth not to become complacent in their development efforts.

"We should remember that the RPF Inkotanyi Party and its affiliates are organizations that constantly strive for improvement. Only in Heaven do you not find problems, everywhere else you will find them and solutions must be found. That is our attitude as RPF members and that is where that name of Inkotanyi was derived, and that is what it means: to keep moving forward and seeking improvement and progress,"  Protais Musoni, a senior RPF Inkotanyi Member said. 

The RPF Youth League is believed to be important source of opinions for the greater Party in its struggle to help the country develope.

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