Over 50 Rwandan trucks are stuck following a bridge collapse in Tanzania


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Over 50 Rwandan trucks are stuck following a bridge collapse in Tanzania

Yanditswe Mar, 04 2020 12:50 PM

Those traveling by road to Tanzania from Rwanda say that if the broken road is not quickly constructed, then this could be a huge loss in the community. 

Business seems to be moving as usual at the Rusumo border post.  However, 700 km from the Rusumo border towards Tanzania through Morogoro on your way to Dodoma a big chunk of road is destroyed and no cars can pass by. 

Those who use this road say that if nothing is done quickly, then trade between the 2 nations could come to a standstill. 

Siraji Hatibu, a Tanzanian trader told RBA: "This road will bring problems because many people depend on the road. It is the crossway to Rwanda and surrounding countries. We have other routes but those along routes. So it is important that they fix this quickly,”  

However, those in Dar es Salam have other routes to use via Arusha through Singida and to Rusumo many believe it is an option but the longest.

Nsabimana Hassan, a Rwandan trader said; “We knew after we had crossed the road. Ths road is important to us because it is a trade point for many countries. They pay us knowing the days we spend on the roads so, if we use other routes that are longer than expected it is a loss to us and it takes more days,”  

Over 50 Rwandan trucks are stuck on the other side of the broken road.  

Eric Gishoma, the first Vice-chairperson of PSF explained that they will work closely with Tanzania to restore the road. 

The Rusumo-Dar-es salam road benefits the country because at least 70% of Trade goes through this route. 


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