First Lady challenges women to take lead in building stable families


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First Lady challenges women to take lead in building stable families

Yanditswe Nov, 11 2019 09:45 AM

The First Lady of Rwanda, Jeannette Kagame has called on female members of the governing RPF Inkotanyi Party to play their part in ensuring that Rwandan Families overcome the problems they are currently facing.

The First Lady made the call as more than 1,500 women, part of the RPF Inkotanyi Women's League gathered for their General Assembly at the Party's Headquarters.

During discussions, there was a common belief that women and entire family units here in Rwanda have continued to face serious challenges such as poverty, domestic violence, malnutrition among their children, teen pregnancies and much more.

The First Lady called on women to play their part in addressing these issues.

"I therefore wish for us to agree to be vigilant as women and see the problems affecting families through the eyes of women and use our virtues as women and human beings to address them. As part of our culture, when people gave public accountability, they were not asked how much they knew, how much wealth they had accumulated, or what sort of work they did, instead, they were asked how they had been of assistance to others. That should, therefore, be our gauge as well," the First Lady said. 

Other speakers at the gathering also emphasized the importance of harmony and good nutrition in homes.

Maj General Emmanuel Bayingana, Air Force Chief of Staff said; "Our children, your offspring and your Grandchildren, you must ensure that they are not stunted, that's the first point so that the country can have people able to serve and protect it in the future. Second, you must speak to them in such a way as to build up their love for the country, that is the only way you will be sure that they will grow up to be patriotic. That does not require foreign support or money, you must have the will to do it in your hearts as you sit here in this room."

Mrs. Kagame also told the women that being in leadership positions does not mean that they should neglect their responsibilities at home and also emphasized that whatever position a woman occupies, regardless of how humble it may seem, she should never look down on herself.

"Sometimes people think that the positions they occupy are not powerful enough to spark change, however, there is no such thing as a member in such a lowly position, that it would prevent them to bring change. It just requires you to put your heart and will in it and feel that it affects you enough to play your part. We should therefore not be discouraged by categories where you find few women and yet there are opportunities there for economic development. This is a journey we have committed ourselves to and we will manage it," First Lady added. 

Among the achievements of the outgoing National Executive Committee of the RPF Inkotanyi Women's League is the fact that between 2015 and 2019; 1,547 were given more than Frw227 million  to help them develop and an extra Frw180 million  was given to 44 Cooperatives with 730 women as startup capital to use in markets, leaving a life of street hawking behind.

The new National Executive Committee is to be led by Christine Akimpaye.

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