Statement on Cabinet decisions of 28 November 2019


Statement on Cabinet decisions of 28 November 2019

Yanditswe November, 29 2019 at 05:57 AM

On  Thursday  28th   November  2019,  His  Excellency  Paul  KAGAME,  the  President  of  the Republic of Rwanda chaired an extraordinary Cabinet meeting at Village Urugwiro.

1.   The Cabinet meeting approved minutes of its previous meeting held on 10/10/2019.

2.   The Cabinet was briefed on an electric mobility project in Rwanda aimed at reducing air pollution.

3.   The Cabinet meeting approved the following programs and strategies:

o Additional sources of  funding for  the Community Based Health  Insurance  scheme (CBHI) to ensure its financial sustainability;

o The  fifth  periodic  report  of  the  Republic  of  Rwanda  on  the  implementation  of  the

International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights;

o The second periodic report of the Republic of Rwanda on the implementation of the International  Convention  on  the  protection  of  the  rights  of  migrant  workers  and members of their families.

4.   The Cabinet meeting approved the following draft laws:

o Draft organic law establishing general provisions governing public institutions;

o Draft   law   on   prevention   and   punishment   of   money   laundering,   financing   of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;

o Draft law establishing Financial Intelligence Centre;

o Draft law approving the ratification of the loan agreement between the Republic of 

Rwanda   and   the   OPEC   Fund   for   International   Development,   for   Rwanda Sustainable   Water   Supply   and   Sanitation   Program-Phase   II   signed   at   Kigali, Rwanda, on 25/09/2019;

o Draft law regulating cooperative organizations in Rwanda.

5.   The Cabinet meeting approved the following Presidential orders:

o Presidential   order   determining   modalities   for   the   execution   of   the   penalty   of community service;

o Presidential   order   establishing   special   statutes   governing   teachers   in   nursery, primary, secondary and technical and vocational education and training schools;

o Presidential  order  determining  other  specific  activities  related  to  celebration  of National Heroes’ day.

6.   The Cabinet meeting approved the following Prime Minister’ orders:

o Prime Minister’s order authorizing allocation of land with UPI: 1/01/06/03/3 in the

State private domain located in Nyarugenge District for investment purposes;

o Prime  Minister’s  order  determining  the  organizational  structure  of  the  Ministry  of Justice/Office of the Attorney General;

o Prime  Minister’s  order  determining  the  organizational  structure  of  the  Ministry  of

Internal Security;

o Prime  Minister’s  order  determining  the  organizational  structure  of  the  Ministry  of Sports;

o Prime  Minister’s  order  determining  the  organizational  structure  of  the  Ministry  of

Youth and Culture;

o Prime   Minister’s   order   determining   the   organizational   structure   of   Rwanda

Development Board;

o Prime Minister’s order dismissing Ms. BATAMURIZA Esther who was Director of Administration and Finance in the Rwanda Cooperative Agency from Public Service due to gross misconduct. 

7.   The Cabinet meeting approved the following Ministerial orders:

o Ministerial order granting notarial power to a District officer;

o Ministerial granting provisional release to Col. Dr. UWIMANA Etienne;

o Ministerial order determining the use of National Orders.

8.   The  Cabinet  meeting  approved  the  agrément  of  the  following  Ambassadors/High

Commissioners designated to represent their countries:

o Mr.  Massimiliano  MAZZANTI:  Ambassador  of  Italy  to  the  Republic  of  Rwanda with residence in Kampala, Uganda;

o Mr. Peter Joseph Francis:  High Commissioner of the Republic of Sierra Leone to theRepublic of Rwanda with residence in Nairobi, Kenya. 

9.   The Cabinet meeting made the following appointments:

o Lt.  Gen.  Frank  MUSHYO  KAMANZI:  Ambassador  of  Rwanda  to  the  RussianFederation;

o Mr. RWAMUCYO Ernest: Ambassador of Rwanda to Japan;

o Ms  MUKANGIRA  Jacqueline:  High  Commissioner  of  Rwanda  to  the  Republic of India;

o Mr. HAVUGIYAREMYE Aimable: Prosecutor General;

o Ms HABYARIMANA Angelique:  Deputy Prosecutor General;

o Mr. NKURUNZIZA Valens: Vice President of the Commercial High Court.

10. AOBs.

o Ministry of Trade and Industry:

The  5th   Made  in  Rwanda  Expo  is  being  held  at  Gikondo  expo  ground  from  21st November to 4th  December 2019. On the sidelines of the expo, a national business forum is scheduled to take place on 3rd  December 2019 at Serena Hotel.

o Ministry  of Justice:

On 10th  December 2019, Rwanda will celebrate the 71st  anniversary on the universal declaration  of  human  rights  while  also  celebrating  human  rights  day.  This  year’s theme is “Youth, stand up for Human Rights.” At national level, it will be held in Bugesera District;

•     On  9th  December  2019,  Rwanda  will  host  the  4th  edition  of  the  Sheikh  Tamim  Bin Hamad Thani anti-corruption award;

•     From 2nd  to 5th  December 2019, Rwanda will host the 14th  annual general meeting of Africa prosecutors.

o Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources:

From 21st  November to 8th December 2019, the 2nd  round of Itorero for agriculture and livestock staff is being held in Nkumba, Northern Province;

On 28th  November 2019, Rwanda will host the 8th  session of the African risk capacity conference of the parties.

o Ministry of Local Government:

•     On 5th December 2019, Rwanda will celebrate the International Volunteer Day for the

7th time. The national celebrations will be held in Nyabihu District;

From  26th   November  to  3rd   December  2019,  Rwanda  is  celebrating  the  “Disability Week”. At national level, the celebration will be held in Nyamagabe District on 3rd December 2019.

o Ministry of Sports:

From  17th  to  22nd  December  2019,  Rwanda  will  host  the  2nd  round  of  FIBA  Africa Championships Clubs, “Road to BAL 2019/2020” Elite 16-Group H competitions at Kigali Arena;

From  2nd   to  7th  December  2019,  Rwanda  will  host  the  East  and  Central  Africa Handball Federation Championship 2019. Games will be held at Amahoro Stadium and Kimisagara Youth Center;

Rwanda  qualified  for  the  final  phase  of  the  CHAN  2020  and  competitions  are planned from 4th to 25th April 2020, in Cameroon;

•     Rwanda  will  host  the  12th  edition  of  “Tour du  Rwanda”  cycling  competition  from 23rd  February to 1st  March 2020;

In November and December 2019, Ministry of Sports will organize a training camp for  selected  under  aged  (U-15  and  U-17)  talented  youths  in  basketball,  football, handball, volleyball and athletics. 

o Ministry of Education:

The 2020 school year calendar is composed of 38 weeks spread out in 3 terms:

-     The first term of 13 weeks begins on 6th January and ends on 3rd  April 2020.

-     The second term of 13 weeks begins on 20th April and ends on 18th  July 2020.

-     The third term of 12 weeks begins on 3rd  August and ends on 23rd  October 2020.

o Ministry of Youth and Culture:

•     “Intore mu Biruhuko 2019” program under the theme: “Winyicira Ubuzima Ejo ni Heza”;

•     Itorero ry’Urungano 4th Edition from 7th to 17th December 2019 at NKUMBA Ubutore Center;

•     YouthConnekt Convention 2019 is planned from 18th to 20th December 2019.

o  Ministry in the Office of the President:

Rwanda  will  celebrate  the  International  Anti-Corruption  Day  on  9th   December,  2019 under the theme “Join our efforts in fighting against Corruption”.

This communiqué is signed by Marie Solange KAYISIRE

Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister in charge of Cabinet Affairs

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