CHOGM 2020 preparations in Kigali pick momentum


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CHOGM 2020 preparations in Kigali pick momentum

Yanditswe Jan, 08 2020 15:10 PM | 1,968 Views

The 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that is due 22-27th June will this year be hosted in Rwanda’s capital Kigali. The meeting is expected to be attended by leaders from all the 53 commonwealth countries and thousands of delegates from all over the world. In the spirit of CHOGM, preparations in the City of Kigali are in full swing as across all sectors infrastructure and roads inclusive.

It is going to be the first time in 13 years for the biennial summit TO return to East Africa after Uganda hosted it in 2007. Arrangements and plans are already in place to upgrade some roads around Kigali according to the Vice Mayor in charge of Urbanization and Infrastructure.

The Rwandan Government allocated over Rwf10 billion Rwanda Francs for the construction of these roads to facilitate easy means of transport for the delegates that will attend the CHOGM meeting.

With these new roads, the challenges of traffic and congestion in the city will be significantly reduced during the CHOGM meeting and even after the summit is done. Some road users are thrilled too and expressed their joy at the possibility of spending less time on the road as compared to before.

Apart from upgrading roads in preparation of the Commonwealth meeting, the city of Kigali is investing in other recreational facilities/green parks such as Nyandugu and other relaxation areas that will serve as tourist attractions. The mayor also says there is so much in store in preparation of the upcoming summit that they shall reveal soon.

Of course with any development comes a couple of challenges as well as mixed feelings from the public. Some people are enthusiastic about the development that will be brought to their communities, where as some are discontent and claim they weren’t fairly compensated after being moved from their homes where the roads will pass.

Officials, however, explain that  people that still have issues about compensation are the ones that have not fulfilled the requirements needed for compensation such as settling on government land as well as not being able to avail land titles and all documents necessary.

Gloria Mutesi reports...

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