Africa needs new approach to end hunger by 2030 - Experts say


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Africa needs new approach to end hunger by 2030 - Experts say

Yanditswe Nov, 27 2019 14:07 PM

Without a change of approach and pace, Africa stands to be the only continent still struggling with food insecurity in the year 2030, with the continent still importing significant amounts of food that it could be producing for its people.

This was highlighted at a meeting held in Kigali today that brought together more than 100 stakeholders from Africa’s Agricultural community.

According to statistics, Africa’s food import bill could surge to 110 billion dollars by 2025 if nothing is done to change the approach and pace of agriculture transformation on the continent.

During the unveiling of Rwanda as the long term home for the African Green Revolution Forum today, Rwanda’s Prime Minister, DR. EDOUARD NGIRENTE called on African governments to make the agriculture sector attractive to the young people who will help in driving its transformation.

At the same time, President of the Alliance for a green revolution in Africa, Dr. AGNES KALIBATA called on the youth to exploit the possibilities that come with technology to help leapfrog development of the sector.

Studies show that less than 3% of total bank lending in Africa goes to the agricultural sector which accounts for 70% of all employment and contributes to over 40% of the continent’s GDP.

Former Prime Minister of Ethiopia and the chair of AGRA and the AGRF Partners Group, H.E. HAILEMARIAM DESALEGN said that there is a need to move away from the traditional financing mechanisms.

The former Ethiopian Prime Minister also called on African governments to commit to addressing the financing challenge that faces the sector.

According to statistics, last year, Africa was home to more than half of the global total of acutely food insecure people.

East Africa had the highest number at 28.6 million, followed by Southern Africa at 23.3 million and West Africa at 11.2 million people.


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